Welcome and thank you for visiting my page ! The blog was born in February of 2015 to track my progress as I learn to paint.

My name is Alina and I am working full time as a stay at home mom of two beautiful kids. They keep me busy all day (and night). Being at home lets me make some steps toward working on my new devotion – painting! I have always loved to paint and doodle around but never went to any art school. VOILA!
I only use my finance degree to count number of minutes before I get to paint again.

I  started creating my first paintings in summer of 2014 and all of them were of course displayed in my house-just for fun. Many if not all of my friends and visitors asked me how i created those “masterpieces”, what mediums I used, how long it took to complete a painting, where I learned to paint, etc. Those questions made me think about creating a blog to share my knowledge, wins and losses, struggles and victories in this learning to paint process with my friends and family. I decided to pull back the curtain and show the behind-the-scenes work that takes place.

Please join me in this journey of never ending learning!


Please share your thoughts with me! I will be happy to hear your opinions and questions, learn about your experiences!

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