River in the fileds

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9*12 oil on stretched canvas September 2015

That was the kind of day when I wanted to recreate a photograph in a abstract manner, which is not really my style, and thus trying to expand my creativity boundaries.

Every stoke was a bit a struggle as I always wanted to smooth things out and to create more detailed image. I used several photographs as a reference material, which modified them so much you can hardly see for example this picture as a reference for the finished painting:


I added a sunset to the scene and got rid of the trees..Please see the progress pictures here:





I used palette knife exclusively this time. Of course my sunsets always have some purples in them 🙂







The resulting filed and the river done in horizontal strokes seemed to lack something. Adding vertical strokes to the surrounding ground gave the answer to what was missing.






Now with the proper combination of horizontal lines and vertical strokes the painting got the atmosphere it was lacking.






The final image:

"River in the fields" 9*12 oil on stretched canvas

Thank you for reading!



the painting is at my etsy store:



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