Stretching a canvas on a wood frame

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As i mentioned in my previous post “Beginning: choosing art supplies” i stretch most of my canvases. Sometime i buy ones when I see them on sale at art supplies stores. I find that with a little practice one can stretch his canvases easily and have fun at the same time:)

I begin with measuring my frame and canvas:







This is the most important part 🙂 After that I cut the canvas and begin stapling opposite sides with first four securing fixings and from the middle towards the outside afterwards:











When it comes to doing the corners it seems a bit tricky but if you watch the video and try it once you can do it easily:




















In the end i tap the staples in with a hammer to make sure thy a fixed properly.

This particular canvas was stretched on a 20*30 wood frame in about 10 minutes.

That is it!

Addition 04/07/15:

I recently purchased a wonderful tool, which oh so lighten the process of stretching. I did a research on those and decided to go with cast iron canvas pliers as those seem to be the most durable. I got the Jack Richeson Iron Canvas Pliers and really like them. I like the functionality and the price. Can you imagine some of the pliers are around $200??

Now my canvases are really tightened up and the process of stretching is much easier. My son even used them as hammer (not listed as its function though;)



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