Sea at the sunset

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16*20 oil on stretched canvas Fall 2014.
I chose this composition because of the beautiful combination of sky and sea. Igor Sakharov gave me many how-to techniques and tips in his online lesson.

With this painting i was amazed at how the real looking sea and waves were born out of regular strokes! One of the first sea scenes i ever did showed me that i actually can paint realistic water!

I struggled with the clouds. I think i put too many paint on the underpainting, which made working with the following layers much more difficult. With that thicker than it should be first layer of blue paint i could not create the correctly shaped “dragons” of clouds. The lesson teaches you to do that with the help of your fingers. And even with that help i struggled mostly because of the wrong underpaint and possibly the fact that i used water mixable paints mixed with little water instead of the regular thinned with a thinner (i do not want toxins in my house, please see my older post re this)

You have to feel the correct amount of paint you need. Each task is different so it is always a challenge for me to figure that out. I assume experienced artist don’t have that problem;)


Those are the pictures of the fine features of the painting:


The original painting is available at my etsy store:

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