House of dreams.

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20*28 oil on stretched canvas March 2015. The canvas was stretched by me 🙂


I was browsing through national geographic  pictures and found the one i instantly knew i would paint! It is a picture of a house in a a national park “Yergakee”, Russia :

Домик в природном парке «Ергаки», Красноярский край.

I totally love the contrast of colors and the effect of light in the darkness.

I started with the sky- its darkest part:














Colors i used: white, blue ultramarine, burnt sienna+ultramarine for the darkest spots,




Here i used the piece of cloth to smooth the colors and create transition from darker to lighter parts.




Then i did a quick sketch:





Later i had to move the house closer to center though 🙂








After that i worked on the trees on the left and the house, for which i mostly used palette knife.

The house was done with burnt sienna, white, yellow, yellow ochre.








This was my first ever work with snow! I really hadn’t even seen a video on how to 🙂 so that was a exciting moment for me. The most important thing was to decide what colors to use and how to lay the paint .For the snow in front of the house i used several shades of purple (red+blue + white). For the house window lights – white, white+yellow, white+raw ochre.

When i was done with the trees and the forest on the background i continued with the fun stuff- covering the trees with snow 🙂

The snow was of several colors: more of a purple or blue shade if in shadow and white with a little purple or yellow when in light.


And here are some details of the finished painting and the side by side comparison of the painting and the picture:




Домик в природном парке «Ергаки», Красноярский край.












Again, the side by side comparison is as always not in my favor 🙂

Overall, i am satisfied how the painting turned out with its color contrasts. It creates that cozy feeling that I get when I look back at my childhood:)

Cheers! 🙂


Please find the painting at my etsy store:

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