Music of the ocean.

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10*10 oil on stretched canvas March 2015.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein. Today i realized i need to paint a piano. I did not want it to be plain vanilla piano. I wanted to express the unity of sound produced by nature and by us, humans. This solidarity of everything in the Universe led to an idea of a piano in a sea. Weird but still has room for a thought. Besides, i always wanted to try something in an abstract manner.
During the whole process of painting i never used a brush. What i used was palette knife, piece of cloth and my fingers.



I started with the sky and the water underpainting. The colors i used were white, blue, red, yellow.


I then did a simple piano sketch with the palette knife scribble.


Several google piano pictures helped me with that.


I decided to go with the purple color instead of regular black/white to match with the sea water.

When the painting was almost done i realized that paino has to blend in with the sea to show the unity of human nature and the universe.

Here are some details of the finished painting:


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