Rainy night in the city.

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10*10 oil on stretched canvas March 2015.

I have been meaning to paint a night city street. I also recently fell in love with the idea of a “through wet glass” look.

I used several google pictures of a rainy evening and a wet glass as a reference.

I did not use a brush with this painting at all. Instead, palette knife, piece of cloth and my fingers helped me.

As usual, i started with the light blue sky, which i later made more of a light grey nuance:


After that i did the buildings on the left, starting with the darker colors and adding lighter ones later:

imageI then did the ground(dark colors first, light-later) with the vertical strokes:

imageWhen it came to creating the “through the wet glass” effect i was at a lost: i never saw the actual “how-to” tricks. SO i went with my guts. I used a combination of light (almost white and light blue) and darker colors. I did this funny shaky movementsfrom top to the bottom like as if my hands were wobbly . Here is the final painting, which is available at my etsy store https://www.etsy.com/listing/228352388/original-oil-painting-rain-street-city?ref=shop_home_active_10 or https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlinaMadanPaintings :

And here are fine details of the finished painting:



















The painting is available through my etsy store here:

And as a a giclee reproduction here:

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