Rainy night in the city -version II –

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20*30 oil on stretched canvas April 2015

I so enjoyed creating the “Rainy night in the city” that decided to try something very similar but on a bigger canvas. Every single moment of the process was filled with appreciation of the oil paints! It felt like creating a sculpture (I should try that for real) in terms of the paint’s elasticity and ability to create sharp edges and smooth silhouettes when needed.

I stretched the canvas myself this time using my new tool (please see the link to my post about stretching a canvas on a wood frame).

Starting with the sky seems to be a tradition in my case 🙂


I used blue, white and some black to create the depth of the gloomy night’s sky.












The buildings were done with a variety of colors ranging from burnt sienna to red and purple. What i loved about the painting was that i used whatever i felt like using. I did not have to follow strict rules. in this case I was creating rules;)




When time came to deal with the wet road I uses the same color cast as with the sky at first. Later the buildings and the street lights’ reflection were added.

At some point i decided to plant several trees and plants on that right side of the street 🙂


What a treasure it was to create the street lights! They instantly added freshness and aurora to the painting mood!

And there it was finally turn for the “water streams on the glass” effect! Using white, blue (different shades) helped creating realistic water droplets and flows.

I meant to create the silhouettes of skyscrapers and other buildings on the far background and i think i did it pretty well:)

The fact that i did not use a brush is worth mentioning i believe. I was amused by using only palette knife and a piece of cloth.




The painting creates this imaginary mood when one wants to just stop the time and think..


And some details of the painting:


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