Foggy fall morning

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9*12 oil on stretched canvas May 2015

This painting was intended to remind us about the “Pink motive” donated to Tubman foundation. I wanted to practice creating that foggy mood with some added water reflections. I intentionally initiated the surreal character of the painting with its sharp contrasts, vivid pink and black colors, etc.

The start was set up with the foggy background and sky. The secret to the “foggy” mood is using as little paint as possible and adding very pale color schemes. 











Leaves on he trees were created with a piece of cloth operating very thick paint. The puddle is a pure fruit of my imagination. I tried creating the reflection effect using the sky colors – different shades of blue and grey. I also added some fallen leaves in water, which looked much more realistic with some added shades.











Please have a look at the finished painting:"Foggy fall morning" 9*12As well as some detailed snapshots:



























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