Ruby lake canoeing

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12*12 oil on stretched canvas

One day browsing through numerous photographs of Minnesota lakes I found an up north hidden gem  – Ruby lake.  The photo of canoe on its shore is truly picturesque! I loved that there was a point of interest, the beautiful red canoe with gorgeous lake and forests on the background. This is truly Minnesotan!


Here i used some linseed oil in the beginning as I liked this method a lot with my previous paintings. Mixing couple drops of linseed oil with the paint makes it smooth and easier to work with. After creating a simple sketch i did the background and the sky:IMG_2658The sketch was done with the help of a brush and oil. IMG_2661I did not notice a distinct pink tree reflection on the photograph but decided to add it just to enrich the painting’s composition 🙂

The canoe was a a straightforward task. I just had to follow the light-shadow proportions.IMG_2672I specifically enjoyed crating its reflection. This game of vertical and horizontal strokes is an amusement! Here is the finished painting:

And some detailed shots:






IMG_2672Hooray to oil painting! Hope this post was a pleasant reading to you! 🙂

The painting  is available here:


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