The elegance.

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12*12 oil on stretched canvas

I have been recently looking into floral theme. The spring is here finally! The delicacy of the flowers is such an elegant subject! Using different photographs and paintings as a reference material i created this painting. It is a product of my imagination.  Please take a look at the painting in progress pictures:IMG_2722I purposefully decided to move the glass form the center to the left. The traditional symmetry was not appealing at that moment. In the end that was my painting and that was me who had the power to move its subject to whatever place i liked 🙂IMG_2723The painting was created exclusively with palette knife. I strove to create the impressionistic style by using bold strokes and painting  overall visual effects instead of details. That was an enjoyment to play around with the background too. Only my inner feelings and state of mind dictated which colors to use 🙂

And as usual please find the fine details of the painting here:























Listen to your inspirations and dare to follow them!

 The painting is available at my etsy store:

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