The field flowers bouquet.

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9*12 oil on stretched canvas

The floral theme is definitely overshadowing others these sunny warm days. My real passion goes to the field flowers bringing back my childhood memories when my sister and I spent all summer long at our grandma’s country house. The smell of the wild flowers is divine! So here I am trying to recreate the feeling of the soft aroma and fine image. No specific photograph was used as a reference for the painting. The final painting is a result of my imagination combined with what I had seen on different photographs and paintings. As usual, I started with the background:IMG_2727IMG_2728Came to a conclusion that i love painting without rules. Is that my style or just laziness and an easy path? The background was such a delight to create! IMG_2730The vase was not my favorite part of the painting process. Here I had to follow the symmetry and be specific about my shadows-lights levels. The real fun started with painting the flowers:IMG_2731Here my fantasy broke loose and whatever came to my mind was reflected on the canvas. Different shades of green, yellow, orange, pink and red and purple – all found its spot on the painting. Please see the details of the painting here:IMG_2734IMG_2733IMG_2735IMG_2736





















I do hope you enjoyed the reading! Would love to hear from you! Enjoy yourselves!

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