The lighthouse.

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18*24 oil on canvas Fall 2014.

Here is the link to Igor Sakharov online lesson, which i used to create the painting.

This was one of the first works with the sea. Thanks to the lesson’s tips i could more or less realistically create the waves and the water overall. I struggles with the sky and the clouds as i did in many paintings:)

What i enjoyed the most was the idea of creating rocks with a palette knife. The teaching artist from the online lesson said that the rocks are done with sharp edgy movements of a palette knife. In the video the process looked so complicated and unclear. When i tried it on my own it worked! I was amazed! Simple keen and sharp touches of palette knife created those wonderful mass of rock and cliffs! Wow! Of course as usual it was important to work on the balance of shadows and lights though.

Overall, i like the final painting!



And some fine features:



Hope you enjoyed the reading! 🙂

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