Caribbean euphoria.

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My first sold painting was “The wave”, which i would call an epic painting of mine! I think I achieved more than i possibly could with it. It ‘s reproduction is still the most popular item in my Etsy store.

That all made me go back to the seascape theme. I decided to try a huge kind of wave painting. I searched the Google images for the waves of the enlarged perspective and chose this one:


I must admit it had looked much more manageable before i started painting 🙂

Here I had to constantly add or change the colors in search of the right one. The painting was 90% done with a palette knife, which was a bit of a challenge as well due to the size of the wave. Also, as usual, I had to find a balance between realistic look and my personal touch to it. The end result is a bit of both i believe.

So i started with the sea on the background in darker blue and lighter blue for the actual wave:


Tried doing the half-circular strokes with the wave under painting to create the feeling of the water’s movement.


Then i tried to identify the dark and light spots.




The shore color turned out to be much darker than in the reference picture. The only reason I can find for that is that my own lens of perception is too overpowering 🙂 That is the artist’s way to show how he sees the world.

This is the finished painting. It took me 5 hours to complete it. I am not positively in love with it but quiet satisfied especially taking into consideration that it was done without any tutorials. This is 100% my work and my perception. Now i have another wave in my house 😉












Thank you enjoy your day!

You can find the painting at etsy store:

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