Sea vitality.

20*30 oil on stretched canvas April 2015.
I noticed that the sea has an incredible inner vital force, which one can feel instantly when even just looking at the sea water. I have been dreaming about capturing this phenomenon with oil paints. I have been looking for the right picture of the sea and came across this one:


This picture shows the wave in all its beauty. I already knew all the basics of creating a wave from previous online lessons by Igor Sakharov and decided to try to work on my own when I accidentally came across his youtube lesson on a very similar theme. I ended up cheating and  doing partly online lesson, partly picture and also adding some of my own details 🙂

I spent a total of around 8 hours on this panting and realized i did not know all the basics 🙂 It turns out learning in painting is an infinite process. At least in my case ! And that is what this blog all about.

I started with a light blue underwash for the sky and darker version of the blue for the sea. My wave was not horizontal, but rather inclines, which added a level of difficulty (remember, i always struggle with geometrical arrangements?read more here). I had to scribble out the exact line of the wave to make it straight and leveled. imageI then was working with the sea only and finished the sky late at night and even continued the next day:


Adding curvy strokes with darker blue on top of the light blue underwash created the effect of distant waves. I later added some lighter blue and even greenish ones.

imageFrom the online lessons i remembered that the base of the wave is dark due to the thickness of water. From the very beginning I used circular strokes to create the movement direction of the water

imageIt was a great pleasure creating those rocks again (like i did with this painting for instance). I came to conclusion that this is such a playful experience when you just create different strokes without any intentions and waiting for a good image to come. Seems like I am not even the part of the process – the rocks appear on their own!

I had some serious problems with the foam. At first i used too much of paint, which did not allow me to be able to adjust the resulting image. I had to shave away the layers several times till i finally got the right thickness. I also got a great tip from igro Sakharov about the three-layered nature of the foam: the thinnest shady one (blue and white or purple and white), the thicker white and the thick “lightened” foam (may be yellow+red+white or just yellow+white depending on the source of light).

It was entertaining to create the foamy waters by the rocks too. Very easy and fun!

Around midnight i decided to add sun and the light reflection on the water to the painting. It felt like the color scheme was too cold for me.

imageimageimageimageThank you for looking! 🙂

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